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Weapon Pets Family by DittoKitty
Weapon Pets Family
Good lord so many Oc's. .___.; but any way this is how many of Dittos family members I have drawn so far with paint.
Ditto and Evil sparkeater 2.o by DittoKitty
Ditto and Evil sparkeater 2.o
What Ditto fears the most is for her sparkeater side to take over and kill the ones she loves.

[Heads up people, i just want you all to know that i do not own any of the characters in RID 2015 the robots in disguise series. But i'm doing some one shots of my Oc so please enjoy this and if you want leave a comment.]



The S.U.V sized white cat gave a snort, her eletric blue eyes narrowing at the mostly red mech that stooped at her eye level. The one they called "Sideswipe".

"So your name is Dittokitty and your a uhhhh..." he pasues waiting for the others response.

"A weapon pet." Ditto answered, knowing very well these autobots never heard of one or even knew what a "Weapon pet " was.

"Oh wait doesn't that mean your a tech-fleck-techno organic?" an orange minicon stutterd.

Looking in the mostly orange bots direction she looked him up an down.

"Yes, but more advanced." was her answer.

"But i don't get it , why did you attack me for? "Grimlock questioned, looking at the gashes that adored his right leg.

"Because you stepped on me." came her blunt remark.

Glancing at the females tail it sure enough was cripled and bent in an awkward angel, a very unusual sight for a large caged in cat.

"Oh." he gave an apologetic expression at the mistake he did.

"Its ok Grimlock. I'll just have to grow a new one." She gave him a small smile.

"But can i please be let out this cage, i really hate being caged up like an animal. Even tho i am one." She asked leaning on one of the thick bars.

"How can we trust you that your not going to trick us?" the mosty blue femme pointed out.

"Well, for one i'm not a decpeticon and two , i can easily do this." Finsihing the sentence, she slipped through the bar like a snake slithering out a small hole.

The team gasped in suprise taking a step back at the freed feline.

"H-How did you do that ?" Fixit was amazed that such a large cat slipped through the bars effertlessly .

"Felines no matter how big or small they can pretty much squeeze through the smallest gaps. And our fluffy appearence is just deceive the foe ." She explained.

Padding off with her jacked-up tail dragging behind she picked up Sideswipes blade.

"HEY!! thats mine." he squaked.

"I'm just barrowing it for a second."Ditto spoke, evenly slicing the damaged tail off.

Upon dropping to the ground Ditto detached the glowing sphere from the end of the tail and connected it to her new tail that started to form quickly untill it was as long as the previous one. The old one dissolved untill all that was left was a little ingrooved line in the ground.

Ditto looked at the others who looked shocked.

"What?, i said it would grow back."


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